Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Mix

To the left you can get an idea what my latest project looks like - the biweekly mixology newsletter called Mix. I'll be keeping track of new beverage programs, up-and-coming bars and bartenders, great resources, events and people. So if you have news of your beverage programs, or know of something interesting and very inside, let me know. No web address yet, but the sign-up link is here.


  1. Jack,
    as always, a pretty classy looking newsletter, especially for a young kid like you. Nice artwork and layout. Should we consider doing a Tales session next June. They have no standards. bonne chance, brian

  2. Brian, of course you'd appreciate the two things I had nothing to do with - artwork and layout. Sheeesh! How about "Tales of the Old Farts" - you, me and Regan, that whippersnapper.